Leveraging a blend of the NetSuite One Methodology, the Adaptive Insights deployment approach and Vranicar’s experience rapidly deploying mission critical solutions, the ViiOne Methodology was formed.

NetSuite’s years of best practices and suggested approach ensures we do not miss any key steps in the deployment of your ERP, CRM, Ecommerce or other solutions. Adaptive Insights’ experiences with the Financial Planning & Analysis deployments addresses the planning and analysis efforts.  But, our experience shows that cloud adopters want a faster, more responsive implementation than the traditional waterfall method alone can provide. We have combined the best of traditional methods, agile methods and cloud software’s strength’s into ViiOne, our rapid cloud solution deployment methodology.

ViiOne Methodology

Vranicar International’s ViiOne Methodology combines a proven approach for successful enterprise solution deployment with the agility of today’s modern cloud solutions. As any good consultancy will advise, we start with your requirements in mind, ensuring to gather all of your needs. But we quickly jump to the cloud solutions, ensuring that you understand the future environment’s capabilities and nuances.

“This early side-by-side review of your needs and the cloud solution’s approach ensures that we can more quickly get to the eventual solution that addresses all of your needs within in the confines of the NetSuite environment,” notes Matthew Vranicar.

We meld the best of common waterfall style methodologies with an iterative, agile approach to deployment.