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Clouds are gone and the sun is up...but your budget cycle looms on the horizon!

If your looming budget cycle sends fear to the heart of both your finance team and business units, then you aren't using the right tools. Spreadsheets are great for running quick data projects and ad-hoc analysis, but they do not provide enough capabilities for true enterprise planning and analysis. You need a real Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution for that.

Unleash the Power of Analytics and Make Better Decisions in 2014

Adaptive Insights has updated Adaptive Discovery to make planning and analysis even better. It’s the first time you can get a true 360° view of your business...

Why Forecasts Fail. What to Do Instead.

Like natural disasters, business crises are hard to predict. The Japanese stock market collapse, the implosion, Black Friday 2008 - almost no-one seems to have seen them coming. Why?...

Does Your Budgeting Process Need a Warning Sign?

In this stressful and unstable economic environment, preparing timely and accurate plans, forecasts, and what-if-analyses can be extraordinarily difficult with Excel...

Why Cloud Solutions Should Be on Every CEO's Mind

Our CEO Matthew Vranicar recently wrote an article for the Illinois Technology Association, in which he addresses why every CEO should be conscientious of cloud solutions.