Why Cloud Solutions Should Be on Every CEO's Mind

Our CEO Matthew Vranicar recently wrote an article for the Illinois Technology Association, in which he addresses why every CEO should be conscientious of cloud solutions. According to Vranicar:

"Cloud solutions are a part of our lives today. There is no denying that we all, in some way, leverage cloud technologies. From banking apps on smart phones, investment firms’ web sites, movie sharing services, photo sharing apps and more, we are all using cloud services somehow in our lives. One thing that all of these cloud solutions have in common is that they simplify very complex problems. Imagine the infrastructure, technology and labor we would have to undertake if each and every one of us built our own family photo sharing solution. Or our own investment tracking database. No, that would be nonsense.

So why then are so many corporations intent on managing their own IT data centers, maintaining their own legacy solutions and apprehensive about evaluating what the cloud has to offer? If you’re a data center company, then sure, manage your own systems as you have the expertise. But if you’re manufacturing steel, developing software, making cookies, providing legal, accounting or other services or otherwise in a business in which your core competency is NOT technology, then why distract yourself."

Below are some highlights of successes from firms that have adopted cloud solutions to their benefit. These anecdotes come from real-world customers and clearly depict the actual value that these firms are achieving through the cloud.

• Streamlining processes while growing, a healthcare company grows 500% in 3 years while reducing administrative time and costs

• Increasing sales, a software firm gains 10-fold increase in Ecommerce sales

• Optimizing operations, a retailer improves order management efficiency by 25%

• Decreasing cost without sacrifice, an IT distributor saves $200,000 while also supporting double-digit growth

• Additional profits with added sales, an Ecommerce retailer grows margins by 400% while doubling revenues

• Eliminating hassles, a global services firm avoids a costly upgrade of legacy ERP, stands-up cloud solution and eliminates the need to ever upgrade again

• Supporting significant growth without adding staff, a product distributor grows by 95% without adding any back-office personnel

Read the full article to learn more about why you should be focused on Cloud Solutions.