Clouds are gone and the sun is up...but your budget cycle looms on the horizon!

If your looming budget cycle sends fear to the heart of both your finance team and business units, then you aren't using the right tools. Spreadsheets are great for running quick data projects and ad-hoc analysis, but they do not provide enough capabilities for true enterprise planning and analysis. You need a real Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution for that. But, until recently, mention of implementing CPM systems often sent even greater shudders through the halls of most businesses with their large software, complex configurations, long deployment times and significant costs.

Now, with cloud CPM from Adaptive Insights, you get a solution that provides all the capabilities missing from your current tools, but at a fraction of the cost and effort of yesterday's on-premise CPM systems.

Adaptive Insights provides a central, controlled environment for your budgeting and planning process that allows you to maintain multiple budget versions without copying and sending out multiple spreadsheets. You control the security of who can view what data, allowing you to have one budget definition but easily disseminate it to your various departments and divisions, with zero extra work. You can also control who can see sensitive data columns, such as payroll data.

Adaptive Insights is built on a "sheet" model that mimics spreadsheet behavior, so that you team need not re-learn the way that they view and interact with their data. Supporting driver based planning, Adaptive Insights allows you to define key assumptions and business drivers at your core model. You can then permit business leaders the ability to see their specific plans and modify any assumptions that are in their control, while only your core finance team has ability to edit your corporate level business drivers.

In case that's not exciting enough, you can also easily integrate your actuals from any common ERP, CRM, HR, Project Management or other system, allowing you to quickly compare your progress toward plans at regular intervals such as monthly, weekly, even daily. Armed with this level of comparison, you can make more intelligent decisions, perform dynamic what-if analysis, alter key business drivers and easily see the impact of these changes on your current forecasts.

With Adaptive Insights, you truly can ease all your fears of your budgeting cycle and eliminate the scare of large, costing and complex software. But you'll have to find your own solution to fear of thunder and lightning.

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