Case Studies

Marsha McGowen – Senior Director Sales Operations | Cambium Networks

The team at Vranicar is committed to our success and is a valued and trusted partner, for both our NetSuite and Adaptive Insights projects.

As a multi-year user of NetSuite, we have amassed quite a library of business specific functions and SuiteScript programs that we use to ensure NetSuite supports our unique requirements.   We have used a number of implementation partners for this effort and are extremely pleased that we started working with Vranicar International this past year.   Vranicar has helped us complete many lingering functionality requests, both correcting old programming issues and adding a significant number of new features.

In fact, when we decided to leverage our investment in Adaptive Insights in a unique way, for our Demand Planning engine, we could think of nobody we would trust more to help us with this effort than Vranicar International.  They derived a unique set of cubes, models, sheets and calculated accounts that helped us move out of a nightmare Excel system into a streamlined solution with automated data feeds from NetSuite into Adaptive Insights.

Chris Dagesse – CEO  |  Nucar Automotive Group

Vranicar International was the ideal partner to help us implement Adaptive Insights.

In the auto business, we have unique requirements for accounting as we must conform to standards dictated by our various automobile manufacturers.  In addition, we have a unique approach to many aspects of our business, including breaking out sales by different types such as retail, used, wholesale, projecting profit based upon units sold and PVR and detailed expense tracking.  But maybe the most complex part of our operations is the myriad of ways in which we compensate different employees based upon their contributions to our success. 

We understand our business very well and choose to implement Adaptive Insights ourselves.  However, we felt that we needed some help to jump start our implementation process and to guide us with the most difficult challenges.  Vranicar International was able to quickly comprehend all these complexities of our business and found novel and intuitive ways for us to record our business drivers and implement all of our necessary calculations.  They created a number of unique approaches for us which use combinations of standard sheets, modeled sheets, cubes and assumptions in ways that simplify our data entry but give us the flexibility and reporting that we need.

Maria Marsh – Vice President and Chief Financial Officer  |  CTI Clinical Trial and Consulting Services

With offices in more than 20 countries around the world and rapid growth in both our amount of personnel and clients, our company had outgrown the capacities of our current system. With extremely short timelines before our budgeting process began for 2015, we needed our Adaptive Insights implementation to be up and running very quickly.  Vranicar International proved to be the perfect partner for us, as they were able to rapidly understand our needs, incorporate them into Adaptive Insights, and execute a solution within our tight timeline. The team at Vranicar continues to impress as they help us implement new features, create additional reports, and more. They have been excellent in communicating not only how to use the system, but how we can independently manage it for ourselves going forward. This system will help us with future growth and expansion planning, in addition to expediting many processes across departments.

Mark Woelke – CFO  |  Rolta International, Inc.

Vranicar International was essential in our success with the NetSuite environment and continues to help and guide us to this day.

Leading our implementation of the NetSuite environment required a team knowledgeable about the nuances of our services business. With projects both large and small, contracted in many ways and crossing organizational boundaries, we had a number of issues to map into the combined NetSuite and OpenAir solution. Doing business in 13 countries with various regulatory and reporting requirements added an additional layer of complexity. The leadership provided by Vranicar’s personnel was a critical part of our ability to go live with the NetSuite solution at the beginning of our 2014 fiscal year. Today, we are self-sufficient, thanks in large part to their contributions to both the configuration of our solution and the training and empowerment of our staff. Whenever we experience a challenge with or have a question about NetSuite or OpenAir, we still rely on their expertise as our trusted partner, knowing that they will treat us right and direct us properly.

Maurice J. Bedoni - Manager FP&A | Imprivata, Inc.

As a rapidly growing company that celebrated its IPO in 2014, Imprivata needed more robust and capable planning and analysis tools.  We choose Adaptive Insights and embarked on an implementation effort that needed to be done quickly to meet our budget timelines. Vranicar International provided a high level of product knowledge and customer focus.