Retail today is more demanding than ever, with retailers facing challenges from competitors, web sales channels and even external economic factors.

To meet these challenges, retailers need modern solutions that drive business growth, optimize their marketing and sales efforts and streamline their reporting and analysis.

Solutions for Retail

NetSuite and Adaptive Insights addresses the needs of today’s retailers by providing a unified solution for all aspects of retail operations, from promotions, to in-store, to web store front, to forecasting, budgeting and demand planning.

  • Support your Commerce Everywhere initiatives by leveraging NetSuite’s in-store and Ecommerce solutions to unify your sales activities across all channels.
  • Increase your market awareness using marketing and promotions managed by the NetSuite CRM solution to optimize touchpoints, deliver personalized service and drive preference based marketing and sales efforts.
  • Optimize your merchandise management efforts using NetSuite’s ability to analyze, order, price and distribute inventory across all your channels. Define and maintain accurate inventory distribution and replenishment cycles to automate ordering and eliminate costly excesses and shortages.
  • Monitor and manage your business in real time with built-in dashboards, designed for retail industry best practices such as planning, pricing, merchandising and inventory management, with the ability to customize them as needed for your unique business demands.
  • Plan, Analyze and Re-plan your operations as you respond to ever changing market conditions, evolving product lines, complex supply chains and more.
  • Global Retailers use NetSuite OneWorld to manage multi-national, multi-company and multi-site software businesses in a single solution that unifies their financial, inventory, marketing and customer support systems.