Software firms rely upon the ability to innovate and track the results of their efforts on their bottom lines.

With Netsuite and Adaptive Insights, maximize the time spent developing and enhancing your software solutions in order to optimize your revenue streams. Software companies cannot afford to get caught in the trap of spending large amounts of a developers’ time maintaining internal systems.

Solutions for Software Firms

Software companies operate in a high-octane environment, needing to work quickly to keep up with the constant customer demands and stresses of market competition. Your software company needs a solution that provides the visibility into your operations in a streamlined and easy to use system. NetSuite and Adaptive Insights meet the needs of software companies in many ways.

  • Real-time visibility into your business performance across finance, sales and service through role-based dashboards and KPIs specifically designed for the needs of software companies is a key component of the NetSuite and Adaptive Insights solutions.
  • Meeting your revenue recognition requirements, NetSuite supports all key revenue recognition standards, automated revenue calculation, and fully integrated dashboards and reports. Standards supported include SOP 81-1, SOP 97-2 & 98-9, SAB 101, and EITF 00-21, and the latest EITF 08-01 and EITF 09-03 rules.
  • Streamlining billing processes, NetSuite’s recurring revenue management functionality frees up resources and reduces billing errors. You have complete control of the renewals process with the ability to drive renewals by contract end date, to create co-terminus based contracts, to add uplift amounts, to management subscription based and maintenance based revenue streams and more.
  • Automate the renewals process to ensure that sales, finance and service are focused on maximizing customer renewals
  • Align sales and marketing with powerful CRM functionality, including advanced quote management, cross-sell and up-sell management and sales commission management.
  • Grow sales through Ecommerce by leveraging the NetSuite Ecommerce capabilities as another sales channel and ensuring they are linked to your demand planning and real-time inventory management capabilities.
  • Global Business – NetSuite OneWorld manages multi-national, multi-company and multi-site software businesses in a single solution that unifies your financial, distribution, marketing and customer support systems.