Adaptive Insights

There is no better way to increase profits than to better control and manage your budget and track your actual results in real-time.

The Adaptive Insights platform for Budgeting, Planning, Consolidation and Discovery provides a cloud environment that controls and organizes your budgeting processes.  These controls save your Financial Planning & Analysis team a significant amount of time and effort, allowing them to reduce planning revision times from weeks to days.   With a complete architecture focused on the FP&A process, your team can perform business driver based planning in a framework designed specifically for that purpose.

Why Adaptive Insights?

  • Unified– Budgeting, Planning, Consolidation and Discovery (analytics) in one solution, allowing you to create, manage and control your results.
  • Controled – built-in security at both the user and role level, version control and publishing capabilities to remove the “multiple spreadsheets, multiple answers” phenomenon common in all too any budgeting & planning efforts.
  • Integrated – Tightly integrated with ERP solutions, Adaptive Insights allows you to easily compare actuals to your various plan versions to streamline your decision making process. This integration is available for all the commonly used ERP solutions such as SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Workday, Intacct, PLEX and more.
  • Visibility – Reports and dashboards provide key results in an intuitive interface.  Plus they offer direct drill-down from summary graphical views to line-level budgets.  You can move from budget to analysis and back, seeing the impact of your what-if scenarios on your overall projections.
  • Global – the Adaptive Insights solution supports global businesses in over 85 countries as they orchestrate and consolidate plans for a myriad of different organizational constructs and ownership percentages.
  • Robust– with an infrastructure that services over 4.2M transactions per second (yes second), over 2700 seats in their largest customer deployment, over 59,000 dimensions and more, Adaptive Insights delivers on critical up-time demands and achieves a 98% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Trusted– trusted by users and loved by analysts, Adaptive Insights’ “High Level of Customer Satisfaction” is recognized by Gartner, with additional praise such as “#1 in User Experience” (Nucleus Research 2013 June Value Matrix), “#1 in Customer Experience” (Forrester 2013 Wave) and “#1 in Satisfaction among extended CPM & BI Vendors” (BPM Partners Pulse Customer Survey).
  • Simple– you need a cloud solution that does not require significant training for your staff.  Adaptive Insights delivers by providing a modern web interface that looks, acts and feels a lot like standard spreadsheet software but with a lot more control and a number of extra features aimed to help shortcut common budgeting and planning processes.