Other Products

As a complete consultancy, Vranicar International Inc. is always willing to bring the right solution to bear on the problem. 

To that end, we consult on all-encompassing cloud based environments and provide system audits and reviews of your current environments with suggestions for simplifying any and all components.

With NetSuite and Adaptive Insights, Vranicar has found two firms that provide a complete array of enterprise solutions and continue to grow their solution sets. But, even with the breadth of these solutions, customers often find that they need additional functionality or features not in NetSuite’s or Adaptive Insights’ core competencies.

Cloud Solutions

If you need help addressing any of the following requirements and think that there must be a way to simplify your life in any of these areas, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Infrastructure– core computing power such as provided by Amazon, Oracle, IBM, RedHat, VMWare, EMC, Rackspace, Globus and a host of others
  • Essential Systems– Email, Data Storage, Backup and Recovery, User Applications such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365 and other
  • Personal – social sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.
  • Applications
    • ERP– financial transaction processing & reporting, inventory management and much more
    • Budgeting & Forecasting – track actuals vs budget and update periodically
    • CRM– sales, marketing, forecasting, commissions, customer service/support
    • Ecommerce– web store front maintenance and integration with sales and financial system(s)
    • HR– Human Capital Management and Talent Management
  • Analytics– reporting, dashboards, advanced analytics and search

Add-on Solutions for NetSuite

There are a great many solutions to address the above categories of solutions. Some that we often find integrated in a NetSuite and/or Adaptive Insights environment include:

  • Bill.com– automates bill payment
  • Deem@Work– consolidated discounts on many expense items such as hotels, airfare and more, along with complete integration to NetSuite, simplifying your team’s expense reporting process while also saving you money
  • Birst– enterprise wide Business Intelligence and Analytics for those that need more than the built-in NetSuite capabilities or want to create reports and analytics combining their NetSuite data with data from other internal systems
  • Enth– federates multiple, disparate data sources into a single searchable data source, which can be queried with a simple “Google-like” search
  • Many more– we are working with many other solutions and technologies and will work with you to ensure that we find the best fit solutions for your needs