Dashboards, Analytics & Reporting


The true power of NetSuite and Adaptive Insights is in the visibility that their reporting, dashboard and analytic components provide to your business users via their integrated reporting, dashboard and analytic capabilities.


Already using NetSuite and/or Adaptive Insights, but need to get more benefit from your investment?  Likely you need better reporting and analytics.  Let Vranicar hone your dashboards, KPI’s, reports and searches.  Merging our knowledge of the NetSuite and Adaptive Insights data and reporting capabilities with our expertise in data warehousing and analytics, we know when to add fields to NetSuite to de-normalize the data models for optimal reporting capabilities.  We also know when to consider another analytic solution, such as Adaptive Insights and how to build proper standard, model and cube sheets for your needs.  Let us help you get more out of the NetSuite and Adaptive Insights reporting and analytic solutions.

Dashboards & KPI’s

Customize Dashboards for your Business Leaders and their Teams:

  • Give your leadership all they need in one dashboard:  sales revenue, gross margin, net income, customer attraction and retention, cash flow indicators and more.
  • Add new KPI's, reminders and graphs to provide timely information on deals pending, projects nearing budget limits, support cases nearing violation of SLA’s, receivables aging beyond expected collection dates, etc.
  • Ensure that your Scorecards match your firm's strategy, e.g.
    • Need growth – focus on sales wins, size of deal, size of customer, etc.
    • Entering new industry segments – show your industry market growth
    • Introducing new product lines – build KPI’s for your new offerings
    • Adding and/or growing web sales – chart your on-line sales vs all sales
    • Reducing costs – build dashboards focused on your running costs
  • Add portlets that integrate other applications and sites for your NetSuite users such as your HR system, Document Management System, Sales Tools, RSS News Feeds, competitive information, relevant news sources, etc.

Reports & Searches

Streamline your Operations with more Efficient Reports & Searches

  • Optimize your Financial Reports
    • Create Customized Financial Statements for each Department, Division or Subsidiary, with the requisite level of security
    • Include Projects, Items or other key information on your Income Statement
    • Add a Departmental or Project based General Ledger report
  • Enhance your use of other Reports and Searches
    • Add simple filters to extend the usefulness of existing reports
    • Save users the time and effort of finding and running the right reports by automating report scheduling and distribution
    • Learn about the latest new Pivot Reports feature
    • Create specific formats tailored to users, customers, vendors and other groups
    • Leverage current reports in Reminders, Dashboard and Lists