Workflow & Scripting

Automating and enforcing workflows, NetSuite and Adaptive Insights ensure that proper business practices are followed with visual workflow definition tools and cues. Add scripting to the mix and you can implement your most complex processes.

The NetSuite and Adaptive Insights platforms incorporate a workflow definition and tracking mechanism to ensure that your specific business practices are enforced. Visual workflow creation tools in NetSuite let you define complex multi-step process flows. Combined with the SuiteCloud Scripting API, you can enforce your most demanding business practices. Adaptive Insights also provides a workflow solution geared toward your Financial Planning & Analysis team, with graphical cues for users as they navigate your planning processes.


Define and enforce your most critical business process rules:

  • Enforce functional processes by defining key data requirements at various entity and transaction stages.
  • Display buttons on-screen to simplify the process for end users. Or hide the buttons based on user access rights.
  • Send notifications of key process steps via automated email.
  • Define budgeting and planning process workflows to ensure all steps are met and monitored.
  • Review budgeting and planning workflow progress via intuitive, graphical cues showing users performing events or due to perform them, timeliness of event completion, and more.


Include detailed scripting to address even your most complex processes:

  • Check input variables against one another to ensure consistency.
  • Automatically update field values based on one or more other fields.
  • Scan all detailed items on an order to enforce cross-item ordering practices.
  • Populate back-end data sets not displayed on-screen upon completion of a transaction.
  • Full Javascript capability and NetSuiteā€™s complete SuiteCloud API allow you to automate nearly every operation in the system.
  • You can even create your own user interface components, making the front-end screens as customized to your business needs as required.