Cloud Business Solutions

Unify your ERP, CRM & Ecommerce solutions on the Cloud to streamline your business processes, save costs and increase margins.  

Standardize your Budgeting, Planning & Analytics on the Cloud to ensure accuracy and control of forecasts while also increasing speed.

Vranicar International Inc. deploys NetSuite and Adaptive Insights solutions to unify all key aspects of your operations into one system. With one unified database for ERP, CRM and Ecommerce, NetSuite ensures you have visibility into all of your operations at a single click.   Adaptive Insights provides a controlled, efficient and feature-rich solution for Budgeting, Planning and Analytics.  Together, they are tightly integrated to optimize your analysis and decision making capabilities.

  • The NetSuite ERP solution allows you to track all your accounting, finance, budgeting, inventory and asset management needs, and provides all the necessary management reports.
  • NetSuite's CRM module helps you reach and exceed critical sales goals, starting with marketing, lead generation, opportunity tracking, forecasting, follow-up and extending into post-sales customer support.
  • With the NetSuite Ecommerce module, you can unify your web store front transactions with your web sales flowing seamlessly through to your books. In addition, the Ecommerce solution ensures that as your product catalogue changes, your web site reflects your current product offerings.
  • Adaptive Insights supports all your budgeting needs from corporate forecasts, personnel planning, project budgets and more.  Organized on the cloud, you are free from the spreadsheet nightmare and can focus on your results and not the process of managing the data.

Unified in a single solution, these applications come complete with built-in management reports, detailed reporting, dashboards and drill-down from summary to detailed transaction level visibility.

Supporting today’s modern technologies, the NetSuite and Adaptive Insights cloud solutions are available from web, tablet and mobile platforms, which means you get access to your critical Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) at any time, on any of your devices.