Budgeting and Planning

Financial Planning and Analysis is vital to the success and growth of all firms.  Yet most firms find themselves using old tools and inefficient mechanisms to create, review, revise and consolidate their budgets.

Using modern technology from Adaptive Insights, the budgeting, planning and analysis efforts of your FP&A team can be streamlined and controlled on the cloud.  Large publicly traded companies have reduced the turnaround of their financial plans from weeks to days.   

Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights provides a complete Financial Planning & Analysis framework with components for Planning, Consolidation, Reporting and Discovery.  Their spreadsheet-like interface for budgeting and planning on the cloud lets your team continue to work with an interface to which they are accustomed, but removes all the nightmares that spreadsheets cause. This framework manages your various budget versions and security constraints in a single, unified solution, not in many different worksheets.

The Consolidation framework allows you to consolidate many different entities, even those in which you only own a partial stake in the same intuitive interface.

Coupled with Reporting and Discovery capabilities, Adaptive Insights lets you create and distribute many detailed reports while also providing highly graphical and interactive dashboards, both with the capability to drill-down to details.