Sales is the life-blood of your organization. Without new business your company will either stagnate or worst yet, die. Vranicar knows how critical the acquisition and winning of new customers is to the life of your firm.

We also know that marketing drives new sales leads. Support ensures retention of key customers. And the whole cycle of generating new leads, qualifying opportunities, managing sales cycles, winning sales and supporting current and new customers is much better if done in a unified and coherent fashion. Vranicar International provides a solution that addresses all of these issues and more, NetSuite CRM.

NetSuite CRM Drives Sales Growth

Vranicar provides the NetSuite CRM solution as a unified suite to manage all aspects of your Customer Relationship Management solution. From marketing campaigns, which can easily be established in NetSuite and disseminated to any list of your current customers or new prospective customers to the leads acquired through your campaigns. From lead acquisition through the complete sales life-cycle, including quote creation and eventual propagation into your Financials. From sales opportunity tracking to revenue forecasting. From sales wins to new customer creation and on-going financial management and technical support. NetSuiteā€™s full service solution meets all of your CRM needs.