Human Capital Management

Human Resources systems are great at capturing core HR data regarding hires, job changes, salary changes and the like.  But Human Capital Management goes beyond the basic history and manages the full life-cycle of your employees.

Starting with the recruiting process, through on-boarding, their life-cycle with your firm and interactions with supervisors, underlings and even their peers, Human Capital Management solutions must be all-encompassing and integrated within your operations.  After all, your employees are your most valuable assets.

NetSuite’s TribeHR

The NetSuite TribeHR solution provides the all-encompassing HCM environment needed by today’s firms.  With an Applicant tracking module, TribeHR gathers data and drives the complete recruiting, hiring and on-boarding processes needed to make your recruits feel like an integral and valued part of the team from day one.

TribeHR also tracks core HR processes from job change history such as promotions or internal transfers, salary changes, leave accrual and usage and more.  In addition, they offer a skills tracking and attainment module, ensuring that you set career goals and plans for your staff and guide them through their growth process.  Performance reviews and appraisals are managed with the ability for you to define custom workflows as required to fit your organizational constructs.

Interchange and sharing is required in today’s social enterprises.  TribeHR provides a framework for social interchange in which employees, their supervisors, underlings and peers all communicate and collaborate on projects and share feedback on their co-workers’ contributions.